Podcast – DRadio Wissen Dein Sonntag – Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Zelda begleitet mich seit ich denken kann. Zuerst auf dem GameBoy, später kam der NES dazu und die Obsession erfuhr seinen finalen Höhepunkt durch einer der besten Zelda-Spiele aller Zeiten: 'Ocarina of Times' für den N64. Ich hab' damals sogar eine Ocarina gekauft. Klar. Danach war es für mich irgendwie lang still um Zelda. Irgendwie war es ja auch immer das gleiche Ding in neuen Kleidern. Bis jetzt endlich der neue Teil erschien. Das perfekte Spiel, für die neue Nintendo-Konsole. Genau zur richtigen Zeit! Hier hört ihr meine Rezension zum (vermutlich) besten Spiel des Jahres.

Mehr Sendungen von mir findet ihr auf DRadio und hier auf dem Blog.

7-Day-Roguelike 2017

Yet again I participated in the annual 7-Day-Roguelike Challenge, and created a first-person roguelike. I call it They Look Strange And Have To Die, and while it has all the roguelike elements you know and love (random generation, turn-based gameplay, permadeath) it also is a first-person shooter. So it was a bit of an experiment. It was done within the seven days, but only the last two saw most of the development, as our current game project Behind Stars and under Hills was calling, too.

Originally the music in the game were tracks by other composers (royaltyfree), but since version 0.9.1 it was replaced by more fitting songs by Johannes-Paul Hanisch! The after-compo version also adds sound effects, which do a lot to the atmosphere.

Overall the game is pretty short, as I only had time to create three levels, but the amount of alien queens and the lack of ammo might compensate for that. ;-)

You can download Look Strange And Have To Die on itch.io! I also created a video where I talk for a bit about the game:

A picture blog for our new game

As some of you may already know we currently work on a new project, which was named "Morituri" for some time but has now the title Behind Stars and under Hills. Its prototype is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and the MDM.

Behind Stars and under Hills will be a Dungeon Adventure with detective elements and animal people. It puts emphasis on story and atmosphere, on interaction with NPCs (dialogues) and exploration. While there probably will be fights (of low complexity), those won't be the main focus of the game. Instead, players have to find hidden ways and items, translate scriptures, talk to the inhabitants, trade with them, circumvent and/or find ways around dangers (like enemies and traps), and use the light by placing torches.

There are no real hard facts to announce yet (hopefully soon though), but we started a picture blog for the project, especially for the prototype we currently work on. You can find it here. We post everything visual, i.e. drawings, scribbles, animations and screenshots from the game and the level editor. Our intention is to link the blog whenever we post those pictures on Twitter or Facebook, so people don't see a single slice of the game only, but can inform themselves more about the look of the game instantly. It also makes it easier to follow the project as long as we don't have a dedicated website.