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TRI v0.2 is out today!


Dear friends, fans and lovers of the first-person puzzle genre,

we restarted TRI in January after a longer break  and present the new update, finally. And we are super-happy with the changes made in graphics, level design and gameplay.

What can you expect from the current version?

  • six brand-new fully playable levels and an introductory tutorial
  • freeform triangle-creating
  • reach every corner in the level and change gravity with the wall-walking ability
  • music by Ludwig Hanisch
  • puzzles
  • treasure hunt - can you find all the little foxes we were hiding?

You can download the update for the current version now. If you already purchased it, just click the link in your mail again.
Or head to our store and get the alpha for a 50% discount. And if you are still not sure if this is your game or if it is playable on your computer - download the demo!


Interview with us on GamingMomentum
Article and video on IndieGameHQ

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TRI – music and character


The new Tri update will be out in two days. To give you some more appetizers we show you the first character the player will meet in the game - the Fox Monk. He will guide you through the first levels of TRI - a feature that is not yet in this update, because we plan to have voice acting, too.

Meanwhile, our composer Ludwig is working on our soundtrack. Friedrich's brothers (Paul is the other one) did all of our music together since forever. All of the samples are handmade by using mostly analogue instruments like guitar and jaw's harp.

Song 1

Song 2

He is also a painter and did this video for his art class: