"The Sun Is Deadly" was initially made for the Indie Buskers game jam. It is deeply inspired by Thief: The Dark Project and similar stealth games.

This time you are a vampire, feeding from the citizens of the old towns. Hide in the shadows and use telekinesis to build a path of darkness out of crates. Knock out the guards by sucking them dry, thus getting rid of them. Eventually, find the Golden Box of Jewels so you're able to allure the most beautiful Virgin to your dark home ... the graveyard!

Trailer and Gameplay

Gameplay - First level

You can now get "The Sun Is Deadly" at itch.io!

"(...) The Sun is Deadly is the exact kind of game I love to see from the indie community. It takes a premise that would be unlikely to see the light of day and builds an innovative experience out of these wonderful ideas. If you're on the prowl for a great stealth game, The Sun is Deadly is an offbeat and satisfyingly snack sized take on the genre. How's that for a pull quote?"
(The Backlog Journey)

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