Here you can find our past and most recent projects. Just click on the pictures!

Our main project TRI  (Win/Mac/Linux) is an atmospheric exploration puzzle platformer:


SABAH was made for the Zoo Leipzig - it's a free serious game about the nearly extinct Sabah Rhinoceros (WebPlayer, Win/Mac):

Play Sabah!

We made an art game called RAT RACE - experience what is means to be a lonely rat in a big cage (WebPlayer, Win/Mac):

Play Rat Race

PITMAN, a commercial roguelike with 3D graphics and board game style (iOS, Win, Mac):


We love Game Jams! Here is an overview of most of our jam sessions:

TUMBLOX is our second commercial game - a brainteasing puzzle game free2play for iPhone and iPod Touch:

The office simulator Karoshi!, a free multiplayer-only realtime strategy game made within 1.5 months for a contest. Making this game convinced us to become a real indie developer back then (Webplayer, Win/Mac):

Disclaimer: You're allowed to monetize any video you make of our games, as long as it mainly shows gameplay scenes. You're not allowed to use the games' music on its own, though, and it would be cool if you wouldn't spoil the endings of the games which have one, without it being part of a longer playthrough.