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Making-of video 5, Artbook, Honorable Mention

Yes, updates seem to become rarer and rarer. The main reason for this is that we still do not have a new project. Yes, we do have plans, but as usual nothing is set in stone yet, and nothing drove […]

TRI Post Mortem

TRI is a game with a long story, so I won’t even attempt to remember every detail. Instead, I will write down what comes into my mind. This way the following article might be a bit inconsistent; I hope it’s […]

Making-of episode 4 and new screens

Two years ago we had a fully playable version that still neglected story completely, but the triangles worked together with the level design, finally. At this time we heard of other developers trying out “early access”, which had the more […]

EGX Rezzed, Amaze and Making-of part 3

Birmingham – EGX Rezzed 2014 The REZZED, including 2 days of visiting Birmingham, were a blast! The convention is full of interesting games, diverse genres, from AAA to smaller and very experimental indie titles. It was really fun and rewarding […]

Update for TRI, Making-Of 2, Game Jams, Presskit

We finally could release a new version of TRI – after “ObliviousFox” comes “OptimusFox” (or in numbers: the game has now version 0.4.1)! Here are the most important changes: Fixed missing collision geometry in level “Tower of Nowhere” Hidden stone […]

TRI – Beta, Greenlit and a making-of

1. Beta The last months really were a blast. I think for the first time of the development of TRI we managed to stick to our schedules. After a lot of work and headaches to create the final levels, we […]