Day 4 – 7DRLC

What I learned yesterday: Modeling 27 objects is a fine job for one day ... but remember, that somebody must someday do the rest of the realtime workflow: Unwrapping, arranging UVWs, collapsing, smoothing group assigning, texture baking, exporting as FBX-objects and texturing is also time you should never forget.

When I made my schedule for this challenge, I - of course - didn't expect this bits and pieces. Stupid, because this stuff I did the whole wednesday.
I hate unwrapping, really. I think I got mad somehow. Another day and I am a cave troll, too.

Friedrich managed to implement tons of stuff on the other side of our workstation/dungeon: We now have an interface, items to pick up and equip and the decoration items can now be seen in the level.

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