Day 7 – 7DRLC

The game is finished and we are, too.
We are totally astonished how much we could do in one week. You can walk through 6 levels that are randomly generated from prefabs. It's in 3D, yeah! You can use closed combat and missile weapons. Listen to dwarfs and read books. We have 11 enemies to face. The main character can be equipped with armour, helmet, shoes and trousers. And the best thing - you build the dungeon while playing.

But it's also a bit frustrating to leave this game so uncomplete. You can really play it, but it's full of little bugs. If a missile is equipped you are killing a neutral dwarf while talking to him, for example. And sometimes starving is the top death cause which is also not funny.

But we are going to finish the game. After GRUMPY JUMP this little roguelike will be our next iPhone game. If you like: Play it and tell us what you enjoyed and what sucked.

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  • Absolutely incredible effort. Well done! The graphics are superb, and the potential for this to become a really top-notch fantastic game are plain to see. Keep up the wonderful work!

    My two cents worth of ideas: you should still move if you click "too far away" you aren't "too slow" it is "too far" but why not just move along the path as far as you would be allowed when you click?

    Secondly, since it is so random you can get stuck: move open areas (rooms) would be fun.

    Overall, I'm absolutely amazed at what an amazing game you made for the 7DRL challange and I warmly encourage you to forge ahead and complete this awesome adventure. You just got yourself a new twitter follower and I am excited to see what you made in the future!

    Kind regards,

    ChrisK aka @McFunkypants

    • Hey McFunkypants,

      thank you very, very much for your kind words! :)

      First, "too slow" is correct, as this is turn-based - essentially the number of tiles you can walk is just a metaphor for your speed (you can even train a skill that is called "speed"). We're already thinking about your suggestion (moving along the path even though it's red, which is BTW how the enemies "think" ;)) but it has some implications for the gameplay that Jana and I need to discuss (for example, letting the player run into enemies without their notice, as the camera is too far away).

      There are spells (scrolls and runes) in the game that let you rotate and destroy cards. Moving them would be fun, too - we'll see. :) (I'd rather let them switch places.)

      BTW, I played your Mini-Ludum-Dare #25 game before your comment here, and found it to be excellent. ;) You have some very interesting stuff on your website, and I sure will click me through!

      Best Regards,

  • And please forgive all the typos! =D

  • I haven't had time to play it much (like 5 minutes). I felt I just had to give you some feedback before the weekend.

    This is AWESOME! I will definitely play more once I get the chance. If you put this up on app-store I would buy it immediately just by seeing those screens.

    As I said, will give more details later. Great work!