A bit of 2013, and a bit of 2014

Hey there, dear friends of the Rat King!

The year 2013 is over soon, and boy, was it a year ever. We had some really bad stuff happening for us, like a flood nearly in our home and serious health problems and fights against the lack of motivation. Not to mention the money. It didn't help that there was a lot of whining going on in the world of indie developers, for example about some bursting bubbles ...

But there also was some good stuff, especially the updates for TRI, mainly 0.2 and MagicalMonk, which got positive feedback only, or the start of our Greenlight campaign. We're a bit sad that we couldn't release the game like we planned, because of the bad stuff mentioned, but also because the project is still "in flux", unfortunately. Of course we won't give it up! We just have to make some cuts to get it out soon enough.

Which brings us to 2014. Our current thinking is to release TRI in the first quarter; this is now a deadline. We still need to make a masterplan for that, so the game must not grow any bigger. (The only thing in the way of productivity will be the Global Game Jam which Jana will organize in Leipzig.) And we don't have any concrete plans for it right now, but the project afterwards will be a lot smaller, and preferably also released in 2014. So yeah, hopefully this might become a more productive year.


To conclude this year for ourselves we tried to create yet another Advent of Indies; but as we didn't have that much time for it, we only made a small blog and wrote about 24 indie games, one game each day, which we played in 2013 and were inspiring to us or just a lot of fun. (We thought long and hard about how to make it yet again a "big" event like in 2012, but each idea was either too much work or just kinda meh.) Nonetheless, it became a nice list of "games you should play or at least have heard of".

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
and an Awesome New Year 2014 to all of you! :-)