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IndieBuskers 2 – I’m doing it again!

Not that anybody expected it (me included), but once again the IndieBuskers will grab their instruments, get out on the streets and create some games! This time Jana won't participate, but there are three new buskers (currently still secret) in order to bring you even more joy and livestreams.

Ideas are still needed and can also receive up- and downvotes, via the IndieBuskers' own subreddit, until November 2nd, when it starts (4 o'clock PM for GMT+0).


Mini Ludum Dare 37, a not-game jam (part 3)

After part one and part two, here are the remaining games of the over 50 entries for the miniLD 37!

Musatic, by Spelchan: Be a (finger) dancer AND a composer!

Sociable, by Chaoseed: Just like in real life, there is no way to win this game.

Stargazing, by PaulSB: Drawing stick figures is an ancient art, first performed by those who invented the night sky.

Text-2-Music, by NeiloGD: Making a song with a message never was easier - just copy and paste your last parking ticket, and you have a winner.

Amazing Awesome Sonophone, by zakchaos: Things make noises, with this not-game you don't need the things anymore.

Fury (HD), by mutuware: This entry is not available in my blog entry.

Just Keep Spinning!, by LittleWoodGames: This made me really dizzy. Fortunately the camera doesn't move locally with the pegtop, I'd have to clean my monitor then.

My Miserable Life (INCOMPLETE), by MegaBrutal: How can your life be miserable if you can eat cheeseburgers and cakes every day? :-S

Nobody canna save me, by kulhajs: Be a hero and cheat at life!

OMGITSAMAZINGASHELLGAME, Raimonds: I like the "E" in that font.

Peon Simulation, by hazard1994: ... and when the dirt begins to fall I'll be the sunshine in your life ...

Caveman, by mattchu: Be a hunter and get hunted! Throw your spear! Walk around! Live in a cave! Life was pure awesome back then, even if it really was low res.

STEAM, by sorceress: Oh, so that's how it works!

The Secret Garden, by SamoojaMies: Catch a frog, decorate your garden, explore the wildlife and carry Buddha around. Relaxing!

tie break, by goerp: "Knot" sounds like "not". Just so you now.

Matar Ovejas, by Manoloide: Most bizarre entry - build sheep factories so you can click sheep to death so you can build more factories. Uhm.

XKCD homage: Press and Move, by kajakklubben: Fly around with your balloon in a black and white world; and read a web comic!

... phew.

That's it - at least for now. Thanks for watching, and enjoy the rest of your stay. I sincerely thank all the participants and as much as I'd like to do a similar Mini Ludum Dare in the future, the sign-up list is hopelessly overcrowded. Perhaps I start my own Nonludum Dare some day, haha!

Mini Ludum Dare 37, a not-game jam (part 2)

This is the continuation of my homage to all the games made in the Mini Ludum Dare 37. I made (nearly) all of the screenshots myself! Missed the first part? Click here.

Featheriness Knight Simulator, by derevensky: Swing your sword and kill those skulls ... in SPACE!

Ideas, by bodseay: Hey guys, listen! Hey! Guys! Listen! Guys! I got ideas! I could build a hut! Or dig a hole! Or kill someone!

JoyBringer, by Patacorow: Jump around, collect colors and make people happy. Because 50 shades of grey are dull and colors aren't.

Little Stories, by Falkreon: Be some kind of God and use all your powers: changing the world's variables AND lighting the streetlamps!

Loss of Control, by Jeremias: You can't do anything in this one, but this you can do on a high level.

Mars Miner, by figman123456: Clicking on the Mars until there is no more Mars!

Model of the Solar System, by Phoenix_Incorporated: For this not-game I learned how to make a screenshot on a Mac. And that outer space is pretty big.

The Modeleum, by ratking: Yup, it's my entry. Walk around and have a blast.

Not Boardgame, by ratqueen: Jana's entry! It's some kind of advanced tic-tac-toe or rock-paper-scissors for two players.

Phlowers, by keppinakki: Hate flowers? This is the not-game for you. Be pollution and get rid of the little bastards!

Physics Rules, by Manoloko: A not-game for the physics engine enthusiast. Find out how a sphere with negative gravity and high elasticity behaves in a box!

Roloc, by bentoc: It may be an endless straight hallway, but still try to not get lost, okay?

Unfinished Work, by Rolph: Every life simulator where you can jump from the roof to end it is an accurate simulator. Even when it's not finished.

Waiting 2: Deterioration boogaloo, by limbster: Man, I really waited WEEKS until this game was submitted!

Wire, by Loyalty: Suddenly the world is a TRON-like wireframe. Hint: It's all blue lines.

Ludum Dare Client, by Jorjon: I got this to work with a little bit of help from amodo. The #ludumdare on AfterNET, accurately visualized with retro pixel graphics!

Instant Gratification, by Jezzamon: As long as the buffer doesn't overrun, don't walk to the left.

Jump!, by Sheep: For me, this isn't any different to almost any platformer I know.

Let nothing wear you down, by Ditto: Enchantingly suicidal.

MEMEME, by ThomasRyder: Much better and more memorable than anything the face generators from Oblivion or Skyrim can create.

I'm tired now, but the last part of the series is coming soon!