Hey folks,
for everybody who didn't find the time to check out PITMAN: here is a little teaser! The game will be out in the appstore this april, so stay tuned. =)

Site hacked

Somebody hacked our website, which we take as some kind of compliment. Unfortunately, in our hasty procedure of cleaning the webspace and restoring the contents we lost all the pictures uploaded so far. Hopefully we will restore at least some of them, soon.

Everything's back online! Please enjoy your stay.

Day 7 – 7DRLC

The game is finished and we are, too.
We are totally astonished how much we could do in one week. You can walk through 6 levels that are randomly generated from prefabs. It's in 3D, yeah! You can use closed combat and missile weapons. Listen to dwarfs and read books. We have 11 enemies to face. The main character can be equipped with armour, helmet, shoes and trousers. And the best thing - you build the dungeon while playing.

But it's also a bit frustrating to leave this game so uncomplete. You can really play it, but it's full of little bugs. If a missile is equipped you are killing a neutral dwarf while talking to him, for example. And sometimes starving is the top death cause which is also not funny.

But we are going to finish the game. After GRUMPY JUMP this little roguelike will be our next iPhone game. If you like: Play it and tell us what you enjoyed and what sucked.