Advent of Indies 2014


It's cold outside and we already need a pair of gloves while writing this text on our computers, warming us with a cup of mulled wine. Although the clock says 4 pm there is only some meager light reaching through the clouds, so we had to put on the lights since the morning. I could also mention the fog that is settling over the river we have in front of our door.

You can find that romantic...or just plain cold and depressing. But we prepared the right thing forĀ  such a time: A Christmas calendar! \o/

We asked 22 fantastic indie teams to get together and donate some keys for you to win. There is also some free content like games or soundtracks for everybody to play and enjoy. On December, 24th we celebrate the Christmas eve with a big prize draw.

Head over to The Advent of Indies and enjoy one amazing team every day!