Me Against The Mutants – Day ~3

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So, this is the follow-up to the first posting from Sunday. In it I explained that we're doing a roguelike in (less than) seven days, and what was the basic idea behind it: an infinity generator.
As we are also busy building our current game, TRI, we could not invest the time to make a full roguelike. We will try to make at least a game where you can walk around and hit some enemies and find some bling. :-) But currently, all that could be implemented is the procedural creation of the dungeon, the walking player and - tada! - the infinity device.
Yes, it is now possible to draw a rectangle inside the game via mouse. The character can be moved with the WASD keys, so he can simply walk into the rectangly area and be trapped in the INFINITY. Just click again to remove the rectangle. Try it out for yourself:

[kml_flashembed publishmethod="static" fversion="10.0.0" movie="" width="490" height="350" targetclass="flashmovie"]

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(Press R in order to generate a new world.)

So, this is kind of bland right now. With the rects you can trap yourself, have an interesting view on the screen, see yourself (and yourself, yourself and yourself), and get out of and into the building (as it has no doors to the outside). This doesn't do much for the gameplay, not yet. I want to have enemies which can get trapped inside the rects and beaten up thanks to them.

I had the infinity working pretty soon after my last post, but then I realized they wouldn't work with enemies. So I spent half a day with refactoring and rewriting some parts of the code, fixing bugs and introducing new ones, until it worked again exactly as before. ;-) At least I can now potentially add enemies, which will happen in the next days, because after Saturday, 13 o'clock, the game has to be finished in order to be a legit 7DRL.
Although we will try to do an all-nighter from Friday to Saturday, this probably won't suffice for a truly full game. The enemy AI will be very basic and there won't be that much interaction possibilities. Yet the potential for a bigger game is still there (we think), and if we're not going for the out-of-challenge 10DRL we will work on it later perhaps.

Tell us what you think! Is this a prototype worth turning into a full game?