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Games Bakes in Germany on Steam

Want to know what's up in the German games industry lately? The GAMES BAKED IN GERMANY event got you covered: The current game sale on Steam features the latest and upcoming games with a huge sale and new demos.

We are happy to be part with Mops & Mobs. For the first time, we put a demo from our WIP game on Steam - and polished it for that matter. We added a new little character, a tutorial and a new song for the kitchen by Paul Hanisch.

We hope you enjoy the new demo. Make sure to wishlist the game on Steam and give us your feedback!

Short interim project: Mops & Mobs

While PATOU is still in the making but also in need of funding (hello, publishers!), we started a shorter interim project. We focused on all the design elements that come fluently to us and combined them: Exploration, character dialogues and giving players some freedom to decorate things. VoilĂ : Here comes Mops & Mobs!

A red-hooded small creator stands in a dark cellar like place with lots of candles and a chimney in the back.

We love dungeon fantasy settings in games, comics and pen&paper - and Friedrich always wanted to work on a crawler someday. While there already are quite some interesting takes on the genre, we decided to change things a bit. Instead of being an adventurer going to slay the hell out of monsters, you take the noble job of a janitor. You care for the well-being of the dungeon's monsters, pick up adventurers' left-overs, decorate the dusky halls and passages and find ways to let our beloved Dungeon Master look more competent.

By focusing heavily on the monsters and their personality, Mops & Mobs also is a visual novel-styled game. You do quests which are powered by our own dialogue editor Connected, as we use it to write non-linear and context-sensitive dialogues.

As a change of pace - and for reasons many of our readers probably can guess - we didn't use Unity this time as game engine for Mops & Mobs, but Godot instead. After only a few weeks of evaluation and orientation we're confident with our choice - Godot definitely has its quirks and short-comings, but allows quick iteration and prototyping and is perfect for the scope of the game.

A parchment that declares: We are hiring! Looking for a Dungeon Custodian Extraordinaire

So far, we created a short prototype, where you can play test our idea of becoming a dungeon janitor. Sounds like a job you'd like to do? Head over to to download the free demo!

If you want to support this project, you can also wishlist Mops & Mobs on Steam!