New website, post-portem, Indie Buskers

Welcome to the Rat King's shiny new website! The old one was pretty worn-out, and it was made in a time when we didn't have much projects to show. After a year and three months, and after several game jams and two iPhone games, this has changed! So the front page now is dedicated to the games we made, and eye-candy is everywhere to be found. Enjoy!

In other news, Friedrich wrote a post-mortem about our Seven-Day-Roguelike Challenge entry, Me Against The Mutants. The game was made for the challenge AND the Pitman Birthday week, so a review of the game's creation was just mandatory.

Last, but not least, some of you may heard that we are part of the Indie Buskers!

The Buskers are a group of indie game developers who happen to have a thing for game jams:

They also are not very rich. So they decided to make a public game jam where they create games based on suggestions they got from people all over the world, and accept donations while this game jam happens. The Busking is set for the midst of this month, so visit us on April 14th to 15th!

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