Ludum Dare #23 games I really enjoyed

The 48h game jam Ludum Dare celebrates its 10th anniversary! And the party is huge - about 1400 games where made within 48 hours (competition) or three days (jam). I try to give you a start with the games I really enjoyed. They are presented in no specific order and if you think I forgot some of the hidden pearls - tell me in the comments!

Gravity - by Rémi (@8bitChevreuil)
What looks like an typical top-down-shooter is not only presented in  a very atmospheric and beautiful way, but also equipped with physics, which makes it very special. One of my favourites so far. Play Gravity here.

Rambros - by Black Ships Fill the Sky (@Free_Lives) // Jam
Rambo is not alone this time! He got his bros with him. And they are all angry and equipped with the finest weaponry needed in this damn jungle. And broxel destruction! What more to say!? It's fun and playable for one or two players (XBox controllers). Kill them all!


 Memento XII - by deepnight (@deepnightfr)
Simple and beautifully presented adventure. Riddle your ass off.

Tiny Stomp - by DoktorAce
Just for fun. Stomp here.

Nina Nueve - by Jonathan Whiting (@whitingjp)
Compact little Zeldaesque puzzle game. Sweet graphics, nice sounds. Awwwwwwwwwww.

Purgatorio - by moonkid
For the sake of the kiwis! Wierd little adventure. Haha.

7. Planet 161 - by saint11 (@saint11)
Beautifully crafted little puzzle platformer. Bzzzzzzzzz.

Planet Life - by Sos (@Sosowski)
Typical SOS game. Fast. Smashing. Bloody. AND deeply philosophical! Well.

Bottlecolonies - by tcstyle (@RustyBotGames)
Reverse colour matching. I liked the style. Bottle up.

Inside My Radio - by TurboDindon // Jam
Super polished platformer, where you have to interact when the beat bumps right. Sounds good!

Tinysasters - by Volute (@StormAlligator)
The blocks go up and down so nicely. And it's got some tactical components in it - that get randomly destroyed by natural disasters. Super polished nice style! Build!