TRI takes a nap

Tri sleeps a while

Hey Rat fans and TRIer,

after so many months of developing and prototyping we unfortunately have to let our little TRI take a longer nap. The reason is quite simple: money. The purses need to get refilled, which means we do some contract work for now. We are very sorry for this delay, and have to confess that we were always a bit naive about the release date. TRI was growing, but too much into a direction we couldn't handle anymore. This also means that we will adjust the design and scope of the game to be a better fit for a two-headed team.

But we will continue working on TRI - by the beginning of next year!

And you will hear from us soon enough. There is still the voting going on for the Ludum Dare #24; the Indie Buskers will be back with special guests for a second jam; and Friedrich is going to host the Mini Ludum Dare #37 at the end of September. TRI may be asleep now, but the Rat King isn't!

Stay tuned!