Mini Ludum Dare 37, a not-game jam (part 2)

This is the continuation of my homage to all the games made in the Mini Ludum Dare 37. I made (nearly) all of the screenshots myself! Missed the first part? Click here.

Featheriness Knight Simulator, by derevensky: Swing your sword and kill those skulls ... in SPACE!

Ideas, by bodseay: Hey guys, listen! Hey! Guys! Listen! Guys! I got ideas! I could build a hut! Or dig a hole! Or kill someone!

JoyBringer, by Patacorow: Jump around, collect colors and make people happy. Because 50 shades of grey are dull and colors aren't.

Little Stories, by Falkreon: Be some kind of God and use all your powers: changing the world's variables AND lighting the streetlamps!

Loss of Control, by Jeremias: You can't do anything in this one, but this you can do on a high level.

Mars Miner, by figman123456: Clicking on the Mars until there is no more Mars!

Model of the Solar System, by Phoenix_Incorporated: For this not-game I learned how to make a screenshot on a Mac. And that outer space is pretty big.

The Modeleum, by ratking: Yup, it's my entry. Walk around and have a blast.

Not Boardgame, by ratqueen: Jana's entry! It's some kind of advanced tic-tac-toe or rock-paper-scissors for two players.

Phlowers, by keppinakki: Hate flowers? This is the not-game for you. Be pollution and get rid of the little bastards!

Physics Rules, by Manoloko: A not-game for the physics engine enthusiast. Find out how a sphere with negative gravity and high elasticity behaves in a box!

Roloc, by bentoc: It may be an endless straight hallway, but still try to not get lost, okay?

Unfinished Work, by Rolph: Every life simulator where you can jump from the roof to end it is an accurate simulator. Even when it's not finished.

Waiting 2: Deterioration boogaloo, by limbster: Man, I really waited WEEKS until this game was submitted!

Wire, by Loyalty: Suddenly the world is a TRON-like wireframe. Hint: It's all blue lines.

Ludum Dare Client, by Jorjon: I got this to work with a little bit of help from amodo. The #ludumdare on AfterNET, accurately visualized with retro pixel graphics!

Instant Gratification, by Jezzamon: As long as the buffer doesn't overrun, don't walk to the left.

Jump!, by Sheep: For me, this isn't any different to almost any platformer I know.

Let nothing wear you down, by Ditto: Enchantingly suicidal.

MEMEME, by ThomasRyder: Much better and more memorable than anything the face generators from Oblivion or Skyrim can create.

I'm tired now, but the last part of the series is coming soon!