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Bunnies, Back Into Your Cage!

Last weekend, from 20th to 22th August, Ludum Dare #21 took place. Again, the task was to make a game (from scratch!) within 48 hours (or, if you're in the Jam instead of the compo, 72 hours). I made a game called "Bunnies, Back Into Your Cage!", made with Flash and FlashPunk.

Play it on Kongregate! (This is the Post-Ludum-Dare version, with changed control scheme and some bug fixes.)

I also wrote a post mortem, talking about my experiences this time. It was quite hard to do it, even though it's a pretty simple game, but the theme "Escape" didn't give me the right idea to motivate me from beginning to end. Still, I like the result, in spite of many people having problems with the controls, hehe.

Ludum Dare #20: Tri

While we're waiting for the Pitman to get approved by Apple, I participated in the Ludum Dare #20 (Jam, not Compo), using Unity3D. Thus, I created Tri, an ego-perspective environment puzzle game in which you can shoot triangles to build platforms and mirrors!

PS: You can play it on Kongregate, where it got a bugfix (mouse sensitivity was too high on Macs)!