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Day 1 – 7DRLC

The first eight NPC/enemy-characters are: Cavity Worm, dwarf NPC, Adventurer, Monster Frog, Goblin, Cave Hyaena, Mole and of course the Troll. It was really fun to modell those minimalistic forms within a short timespan. Giving myself a small deadline for everyone, saved me from getting lost in vertex-pushing-detail-amorousness.

Day 1 Characters

Roguelike Challenge!

In the next hour or so, The Rat King will start to develop a roguelike. If you don't know what that is, look here! The main parts of a roguelike are "permadeath" (after dying you should not be able to reload the game), randomized levels and often turn-based gameplay.

We participate in the 7DRL Challenge, a contest where such a game has to be created within 7 day (168 hours). Most roguelikes use ASCII symbols for the visuals, but as we will develop our game in Unity we will have 3D graphics.

I will try to document my progress on the official 7DRL blog (nickname "ratking").  The final result of our efforts - be it a success or a fail - will be posted here, of course.