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TRI – The AMAZE-ing update released

TRI 0.2.1 update

We are pleased to announce that the new update 0.2.1 for TRI is live and can be downloaded now. As already said before, this will be the last version with the low price of $4.99 only. We currently scheduled version 0.3 (the STORY update) for end of May, and that one will come with a price increase!


Now, for the AMAZE-ing update we have some new stuff, especially worth mentioning two new levels. The first one let's you walk on walls and ceilings a lot, and has windmills and a glimpse on the floating ghosts (the Kami). The second one re-introduces light rays and acid pits. If you already owned and played the TRI alpha, for your convience you can play the new levels directly - but don't miss the enhancements in the other levels! For example, we added the monk in the tutorial level, mainly for demonstration purposes (as he doesn't talk much right now).

The monk appears

And you can finally run now. This was the feature requested by most people so far. :-P Unfortunately, this changed the balance of the gameplay a bit where it wasn't wanted. On the bright side, if you have to walk up a long wall you will need far less triangles now, as you can run quite a while on the wall after leaving a triangle until you fall down again. (Just try it!)

The complete changelist for the AMAZE-ing update:

  • Fixed NullReference in output_log.txt regarding save files
  • Fixed the feedback functionality (via F11), should work always now
  • Added possibility to use/activate/pick stuff with Left Click
  • Fixed rotating box in level 7 ("Reluctance")
  • Changed savestate fileformat, saves from 0.2.0a and before not usable anymore
  • Removed GUI key statues in the top right corner for the first level
  • Added possibility to sprint via Left Shift key
  • Improved visuals/gameplay of some of the levels, changed tutorial a bit
  • Added option (in tab "Performance") to disable fullscreen antialiasing
  • Fixed a glitch with climbing on slopes
  • Fixed the minor issue of antiwalls playing sounds even when not activated
  • Added two levels, introducing (again) light rays, acid and autosave
  • Added an NPC with simple behaviour for demonstration purposes

You may wonder why we call this update the AMAZE-ing update. From April, 24th to 27th we will be in Berlin, visiting the AMAZE IndieConnect! We will meet other indie developers and give a talk about why and how to limit your game in a healthy way. So, if you want to talk to us in person, this might be your chance. :-)

And now for some more screenshots of the new TRI levels:

tri2_screen_20130420_132312 tri2_screen_20130420_132107 tri2_screen_20130420_135738 tri2_screen_20130420_141246

Update your TRI now to version 0.1.6


If you got TRI from Desura - download the new version with your Desura client. Or did you purchase it directly from our website? Just re-download the game via the link at the bottom of your receipt. (Send us a message in case of problems with the download.)

What did change in version 0.1.6 ?

First the sad part: your old savegames will be useless. We rewrote the save format, which was neccessary because of added functionality. The rest is good news:

  • performance improvements (occlusion culling, normal maps size)
  • hardware cursor implemented
  • saving issues on Mac fixed
  • dragging (crates and crystals) improved
  • climbing works better on chamfered edges
  • added option "Camera smoothness", makes camera rotation less direct and choppy
  • online version check
  • new shader for the TRIs - added glow to important objects
  • We also added some bugs ;) EYEBUGS walking around
  • FPS counter for testing performance, activate it with the F10 key
  • a small section of the tutorial level was changed (many people had problems there)
  • fixed (hopefully) the problem with quicksave/load resulting in gray screens

What are our next steps?

  • At the moment Jana is changing the whole look of the textures to a more individual and hand-painted style.
  • Moreover, we finished the story. This means rooms, atmosphere and motivation will finally make more sense.
  • Bug fixes and tweaks, of course.
  • Perhaps more levels.

Still unsure if you should buy TRI? Just try our demo. Download it directly from us.




Pitman 1.5c

There is a new update available! Pitman is now version 1.5c, which means:

  • Rebalanced gameplay: fights are faster now
  • Fixed pathfinding
  • Improved feedback for Card magic (rotate/destroy)

If you bought Pitman via our store, you can get the update easily by using the same download link you found in your receipt.

Oh, and by the way, it's part of the Gamedev Bundle! \o/