New website

If this isn't the first Rat King blog post you ever read, then you probably noticed it already - we have a new website! Some parts are not finished yet - especially this blog. We had to move it to a subfolder, so it's very likely a lot of hyperlinks to some of our posts won't work anymore, and other stuff too.

Anyway, we thought a soft launch might be okay, and maybe try different WordPress themes on the go. We mainly wanted to make it all simpler and cleaner, which we wanted for a long time, but only now I had the motivation to actually do something about it. For some time I tried out different frameworks for responsive websites (for the home page, not the blog, as this would keep being WordPress), but then I read an article about Hugo, a generator for static websites, and thankfully it had everything we wanted, responsive themes included.

So now here we are - the content is mostly the same, but we wanted to put some more emphasis on our games this time, as we didn't have that much when we uploaded the second version of back in 2012... wow, time flies. A redesign really was overdue.

Have fun, and if you find any glitches or errors on the new website, just contact us!

Farbenspiel released!

We released Farbenspiel 1.0 on - have a look!

Farbenspiel Title

But wait, what is this game!? It's true, we never talked about Farbenspiel on this blog here, but it seems we're a bit behind blogging anyway. One reason is that Jana is doing marketing for the Indie Arena Booth 2016 at the gamescom and is writing a lot already that way. (Check it out!)


But back to topic - Farbenspiel is a Local Multiplayer-Only Deathmatch Action game we did as a side project. 2-4 players with gamepads gather and shoot each other. To make it more interesting, the players collect power-ups (eggs) which allow them to splatter colored puddles. In these puddles they can hide - while the enemy becomes slower in it.

As you can't see yourself in a puddle of your color, and bullets reflect at walls, Farbenspiel becomes a bit of chaotic fun. ;-)



The game is now officially "version 1.0", which means its fully playable. Just get it for $2.50 on, the finest indie sales platform there is! But there are a lot of things we'd like to see improved in Farbenspiel, like the balancing, and additional levels. So there will surely be updates in the future! Be aware though that it is still more of a side project for us, while we concentrate on planning, funding and prototyping our next bigger project.

Last but not least, here's a somewhat older gameplay video of Farbenspiel:

Podcast #5 – Walking Simulator


(Sorry, folks. Our podcasts are always in German only.)

Es ist wieder soweit! Einmal im Jahr nehmen wir einen Podcast auf und hier ist er! Themen sind vor allem Walking Simulator und persönliche Spiele.
Wir entschuldigen uns schonmal vorab für das Nicht-Nennen der Entwickler. Der Podcast war dann doch sehr spontan und wir wünschten wir hätten ein paar Facts besser vorbereitet.


00:00:00 - Begrüßung
00:00:49 - Walking Simulator
00:05:58 - That Dragon Cancer, Spiel und Doku
00:13:40 - Der Begriff Walking Simulator
00:16:49 - Beginner's Guide
00:18:54 - Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger and The Terribly Cursed Emerald by Crow Crow Crow
00:21:06 - Remember Me
00:23:00 - Friedrichs Wood For The Trees und persönliche Spiele
00:24:17 - Lieve Oma von Florian Veltman
00:27:34 - Ihhh, Gameplay! Wir reden über Zwischensequenzen
00:34:49 - Spirits of Xanadu
00:38:40 - Minimalismus und Asset Flips
00:42:40 - Void & Meddler und Charakterdesign
00:48:56 - Defragmented
00:51:53 - Path to the Sky
00:55:16 - Keeper Roguelike
00:57:44 -, wir sind Fans
- die A Maze Collection
- Bundles sind eh doof

Die letzten Folgen findet ihr hier.