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Spielgefährten, now live and in color!

The corona virus affects us all, in one way or another. Although the Rat King is a small team and there is no need for us to work at home now, we still feel the effects of the lock-down. In order to get rid of the uneasiness a bit we dusted off our Spielgefährten podcast, where we talk about games and game design.

This time we did a (German) live-stream on Twitch about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Fallen, a third-person shooter from 2000. We did a poll on Twitter beforehand, asking which character we should play (you can choose between Sisko, Worf and Kira). It was more popular that I'd thought it would be.

For over 2.5 hours we played as Kira shooting a lot of cardassians and talked about The Fallen, it level design, a bit of background, and other things. You can (re)watch our Let's Play here.

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A week later now we want to do another live-stream; maybe even making it a habit and doing it every Wednesday. In any case, this time we will play some multiplayer games, local coop to be exact. You can choose between Overcooked, Out of Space and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - but I am sure we will play more than one game. A bit of Spheroneers will be there to, probably.

So if you speak German and want to talk about games, visit our Twitch channel on Wednesday, 7pm (Berlin time). We also have a Discord!

Podcast – Die Spielgefährten – EGX Rezzed London

Wir waren im Brexitland zu Besuch, um unser Spiel SOLITUNE als Teil der Leftfield Collection zu zeigen. Neben dem fantastischen Dock, in dem die Games-Messe stattfindet, haben wir auch jede Menge neue Spiele angespielt. Hört mal rein!

00:00 EGX allgemein
10:00 Leftfield Collection
10:10 State Machine von Terry Cavanagh und Ruari O'Sullivan
15:25 Flotsam von Pajama Lllama
16:20 Exo One von Exbleative
19:00 Mediterranean Voidlands von Sticky Toffee Games
21:55 GNOG von Ko_op
23:41 Nest von Jonathan Whiting
26:51 Old Man's Journey von Broken Rules
27:45 Future Unfolding von Spaces of Play
28:50 Vaccination Alex Johansson
30:44 Tacenda von FINIFUGU
33:35 Four Last Things von Joe Richardson
36:00 Everything von David O'Reilly
41:00 Milkmaid of the Milky Way von Machineboy
43:00 The Signal from Tölva von Big Robot
50:28 Persona 5 von P Studio
52:20 RIME von Tequila Works
54:00 Little Nightmares von Tarsier Games
55:50 ELEX von Piranha Bytes
1::07 Snake Pass von Sumo Digital
1::08 Tokyo 42 von Mode 7
1::10 Tacoma von Fullbright
1::15 Cube 2 von Toxic Games