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Day 6 – 7DRLC

Raise your halberd high for the last day. Although sometimes our motivation lies down deeply in the pit we start freshly (more or less) into fixes, polishing and tweaking. And Cola. Much of it.

The best thing is that you're able to play it through without dying because of too hard enemies. And level up to become stronger. BUT you will starve because there are not much food cards ... what a game! Like reality, or so.
Weapons now have different properties and you can use your bow to kill approaching foes.

I am so excited what we will have done after this day of work. The last day.

Day 5 – 7DRLC

Puh, what a day ...  again just unwrapping so not much to tell. But while the thursday was in its last throes I did some pixely item cards that can be collected now.

In our dungeon are now more monsters than just trolls. We have magic that lets you rotate or destroy the cards you can walk on. Friedrich worked also on distance fight (bow and magic). You can change levels through ladders AND most importantly: You can die now and restart the game. Which is really essential for a roguelike - dying and reload, great fun!

If you like play yesterday's version in your webplayer!

Day 4 – 7DRLC

What I learned yesterday: Modeling 27 objects is a fine job for one day ... but remember, that somebody must someday do the rest of the realtime workflow: Unwrapping, arranging UVWs, collapsing, smoothing group assigning, texture baking, exporting as FBX-objects and texturing is also time you should never forget.

When I made my schedule for this challenge, I - of course - didn't expect this bits and pieces. Stupid, because this stuff I did the whole wednesday.
I hate unwrapping, really. I think I got mad somehow. Another day and I am a cave troll, too.

Friedrich managed to implement tons of stuff on the other side of our workstation/dungeon: We now have an interface, items to pick up and equip and the decoration items can now be seen in the level.