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Day 4 – 7DRLC

What I learned yesterday: Modeling 27 objects is a fine job for one day ... but remember, that somebody must someday do the rest of the realtime workflow: Unwrapping, arranging UVWs, collapsing, smoothing group assigning, texture baking, exporting as FBX-objects and texturing is also time you should never forget.

When I made my schedule for this challenge, I - of course - didn't expect this bits and pieces. Stupid, because this stuff I did the whole wednesday.
I hate unwrapping, really. I think I got mad somehow. Another day and I am a cave troll, too.

Friedrich managed to implement tons of stuff on the other side of our workstation/dungeon: We now have an interface, items to pick up and equip and the decoration items can now be seen in the level.

Day 3 – 7DRLC

I make it short today:
I did 27 items for the three levels. That's not much work for one day I think. But I can't wait to see them in the game.

Friedrich worked on the fighting system. You can now die dramatically in the fight against the trolls. Which means that the game is playable now - in a way. Now the real work starts: Inventory, interface, character level and of course some kind of winning situation. Although you'll never reach that point, because one attribute of a roguelike is perma death. Muhahaha.

Oh and the game has a name now: Pitman Krumb.

Day 2 – 7DRLC

What a day! My task was to do the level texture. Remember my characters? They won't have any detailed texture, so the level must fit to teir grade of detail ... well.

Of course I got lost in digital painting.
The first world - the mine - is some kind of colorful slobber. I concentrated so much on details and colors that I didn't recognize how similar wall and floor looked to each other. You might get really mad when you play this level too long. Also someone asked if our game plays in hell.

The next level - our lost culture - is much better. But still too detailed. The 64x64 version looks more intensive, but we're NOT going to scale this down ... although it might fit to the monsters much more.

The last texture was a fail. I don't know what happened. It was late and I was just drawing, drawing, drawing. And trying to map dungeon boxes like an outdoor level. They look more like a young girl's chalk drawings, but not like a texture. And today I remembered that our look should imitate boardgames ... and not reality.
Hopefully my items will get more minimalistic today.

The game on Friedrich side took great progress. The pathfinding was implemented and the trolls and dwarfs are jumping through the dungeon. Plus you can now place a new level card when you leave another.